Five million Australians – and counting – in fast-growing suburbs on the outskirts of our capital cities are confronted daily with congested roads and insufficient public transport. Poor access to health facilities adds to the crisis.

We need a policy shift to address the infrastructure backlog and future proof our areas, as they continue to grow.

Fund our Future is a campaign which brings together communities with similar issues from all over the country and demands a change from the top.

A dedicated infrastructure fund for fast-growing outer suburbs would support ‘shovel ready’ projects based on merit and good planning – not on election cycles.

Currently, funding for infrastructure projects is piecemeal and too often dependent on electoral cycles, denying communities good planning and their fair share of the funding pie.

If a significant investment is not made, we risk dividing Australian cities along social and economic lines: those in the inner city who have access to transport, jobs and health services – and those in the fast-growing outer suburbs who do not.

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Fund our Future is an initiative of the National Growth Areas Alliance.