40,000 messages of support

As the election nears, community pressure is mounting on politicians to back the Fund our Future campaign for a dedicated national infrastructure fund for fast-growing outer suburbs.

Another key milestone has been reached, with more than 40,000 emails having been sent to politicians in Canberra.

“We’re pleased there’s interest federally in ’30-minute cities’, but at the moment, residents in our areas have congested roads, poor public transport and inadequate access to health facilities. That means for our communities, it’s more like 90-minute cities,” says Mayor Glenn Docherty, the Chair of the National Growth Areas Alliance, which alongside Member councils, is behind the campaign.

“A national dedicated infrastructure fund would address the infrastructure backlog in fast-growing outer suburbs and future-proof them, as they continue to grow. This would lead to a reduced cost of living, less stress and a better quality of life.” says Glenn Docherty, who is also the Mayor of a fast-growing outer suburb, the City of Playford in Adelaide’s north.

“Thanks to all our supporters so far. We are planning to redouble our efforts to make sure the fund becomes a reality,” says Mayor Glenn Docherty. “Now is the time to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to sign the petition at www.fundourfuture.info

Five million Australians currently live in the fast-growing suburbs on the outskirts of Australia’s capital cities and an independent analysis has found they already lack access to adequate infrastructure. By 2031, the number calling these areas home will have swelled by half again to 7.5 million people.

The work, by SGS Economics and Planning, found $5 billion is needed each year over the next 15 years to catch up and keep up with the infrastructure needs in these areas.

Residents and those working in fast-growing outer suburbs are encouraged to take part in the Fund our Future campaign by signing and sharing our petition at www.fundourfuture.info