Commitment to eight Fund our Future projects

There have been big wins in the political, media and community arenas in the last fortnight, in the wake of Nightmare Commute Day.

The Parties:

The Labor Party has just backed four projects in Victoria being advocated by the Fund our Future campaign, along with four projects in other states.

Labor’s Melbourne Roads Package would include $262 million for four roads that have been nominated as being key priorities to address growth in outer Melbourne: Thompsons Road in the south east and O’Herns, Craigieburn and Bridge Inn Roads in the north.

The ALP has now backed eight of the projects our campaign has highlighted. The projects in other states are:

*South Australia’s Gawler rail electrification

*Western Sydney rail though Badgerys Creek in the north-south corridor

*In Perth, the North Lake Bridge over the Kwinana Freeway, linking North Lake Road with Armadale Road.

*Also in Perth, $1 billion has been committed for Metronet to build new lines and extend the passenger rail network across Perth, including outer growth areas and one of our priority projects – extending the northern suburbs line to Yanchep.

The Coalition has indicated some level of support for two of the campaign projects. It said it would be open to building a north-south rail link in western Sydney, which would also service Badgerys Creek Airport and is interested in the electrification of the Gawler rail line.

Neither of the major parties have yet committed to a fund for outer suburbs, which would provide a long-term solution to the infrastructure problems that these areas face.

Meantime, two Greens candidates, in the Victorian seats of Gorton and Lalor, have publicly backed the Fund our Future campaign for a dedicated national fund for outer suburbs.

The Community:

The National Nightmare Commute Day had a phenomenal impact – the hashtag #nightmarecommute trended on Twitter and there were spontaneously generated memes as a result. We reached 44,000 people on Facebook and had 30,000 impressions on Twitter.

More than 75,000 emails have now been sent to Canberra supporting the campaign.


Our media coverage has increased by a quarter in the last fortnight, due largely to the success of National Nightmare Commute Day.

Our opinion piece was carried in five media outlets, including here in The Herald, The Age, The Brisbane Times, The Canberra times and WA today.

One story about the success of the event was carried in 10 outlets, including major Fairfax publications, such this version in The Age

We have had 183 stories appear about Fund our Future since the campaign was launched.