Drivers’ health at risk

Drivers who are spending more than one hour per day behind the wheel are putting their health at risk, according to new research.

The work, led by Professor Takemi Sugiyama, who is now at the Australian Catholic University’s Institute for Health and Ageing has found “significant” differences between people driving for less than 15 minutes every day and more than one hour.

The work, published in the Preventive Medicine journal, found the daily car use is linked with thicker waistlines, larger body mass index and other “cardio-metabolic risks”.

“More and more people are at risk of spending longer time in cars, and that can have serious health implications,” Professor Sugiyama told the Herald Sun.

“Expansion of urban growth boundary, without provision of public transport, can have a long-term negative health impact,” says Professor Sugiyama.  

The Fund our Future campaign is seeking a dedicated national fund for infrastructure for outer suburbs to improve infrastructure, such as roads and public transport.