Key Fund our Future project gets ALP backing

New milestones for Fund our Future have been reached, including a commitment to fund one of the key campaign projects.

This is one of the wins in the political sphere in the last fortnight, with others in the community and media.


The ALP has committed to one of Fund our Future’s key projects, the electrification of Adelaide's Gawler rail line, if it is elected.

The Opposition Leader Bill Shorten made the promise in his Budget reply speech.

The group behind Fund our Future say the Federal Budget is a missed opportunity for fairer cities. In Canberra, we co-hosted a panel discussion on cities and growth for politicians in Parliament House.

The team also welcomed the Federal Government’s Smart Cities Plan, but said it is hard to see yet how the outer suburbs will be better off under the approach.

“This is a reasonable direction which is in line with our research and our approach, but it is hard to see yet how the outer suburbs will be better off,” says Glenn Docherty, the Chair of the National Growth Areas Alliance, which is behind the campaign.

The NGAA also revealed its research, carried out by PwC, which draws on the UK’s City Deals approach and a related experience in Canada. It shows there is an opportunity for Australia to capitalise on the growth in these areas. The work says that with the right investment, these areas could be competitive not only nationally, but globally.


Almost 35,000 emails have been sent to politicians in Canberra, demanding a dedicated national infrastructure fund for outer growth suburbs.

Around a thousand of those emails were generated at one community event for new residents in the City of Whittlesea in Melbourne’s north.


We have some new cartoons and memes appearing on social media, boosting our Facebook community to nearly 1900 people. In the last month, we have had almost 15,000 impressions from our Twitter account and increased our followers on Twitter by around a third.

More than 100 media stories have appeared about the campaign around the country. In addition to council communication, there have been 81 stories in local media, 17 state-wide stories and three national stories.

This piece on two-hour traffic jams in Melbourne’s north, quoting the NGAA, appeared in The Age ahead of the Federal Government’s Smart Cities Summit.