Major media coverage and almost 54,000 emails of support

Excitement about the National Nightmare Commute Day is building, with coverage in mainstream media and in the wider community.


Already community members are starting to post selfies in support of the National Nightmare Commute Day next Tuesday. Follow the developments through @FundourFutureAU on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtags #nightmarecommute or #FundourFutureAU

  • Social media: The Fund our Future Facebook account has more than 2000 followers and over the last month we have had almost 42,000 impressions on Twitter, which is more than double the previous month’s figures
  • Fund our Future petition: In the last fortnight, there have been almost 2,000 emails per day sent to politicians in Canberra, demanding a dedicated national infrastructure fund for outer growth suburbs. We have now reached around 54,000 emails to our leaders.


One project being highlighted by the Fund our Future campaign has received national attention, with a live broadcast about the area.

The ABC’s AM team broadcast live from Adelaide’s North about the marginal electorate of Wakefield. Mayor Glenn Docherty was interviewed and highlighted the need for the electrification of the Gawler rail line.

Other major coverage included interviews about the National Nightmare Commute Day on 3AW Breakfast and 6PR.

The West Australian also ran a preview of Tuesday’s event

The event has also been given plenty of coverage in local newspapers, including this story in the Penrith City Gazette

Since the campaign launched, there have been around 147 stories about the Fund our Future campaign. There have been around 120 stories in the local media, 22 state-wide stories and five national stories.

The Parties:

  • Two Green candidates, in the Victorian seats of Gorton and Lalor, have publicly backed the Fund our Future campaign for a dedicated national fund for outer suburbs.

As part of the campaign, we are highlighting the sort of projects that could be supported through a dedicated fund. We welcome any commitments to these – and will be keeping track of them – but maintain that a piecemeal approach is inadequate and communities are demanding a long-term approach, that is a dedicated fund.

The ALP has backed three of the projects our campaign has highlighted. They are:

  • South Australia’s Gawler rail electrification
  • Western Sydney rail though Badgerys Creek in the north-south corridor
  • In Perth, the North Lake Bridge over the Kwinana Freeway, linking North Lake Road with Armadale Road.