What the political parties say about outer suburbs and the campaign

The major political parties have all made public statements about infrastructure, relating to the outer suburbs and the Fund our Future campaign.

The Coalition:

The Coalition says "...a record $50 billion is being invested into critical infrastructure and regional development to reduce congestion, improve safety and better connect Australian products to domestic and international markets."

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"Right now, as a result of the Coalition’s investment there are major infrastructure projects underway across the country … In addition to the major works, we have committed $3,2 billion to the Roads to Recovery Programme to upgrade and maintain local roads."

The Labor Party:

The ALP has this response: “Infrastructure Australia estimates that 72% of Australia’s population growth in the two decades from 2011 will occur in our four largest cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. The pressures are occurring in the inner areas of cities, where there is already existing infrastructure that needs to be upgraded. But even more so, the growth pressures are happening in the outer areas of cities, where infrastructure is less available.

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"Labor will get ahead of these growth pressures."

The Greens:

The Greens leader Richard Di Natale says the Party has committed to increasing Commonwealth investment in infrastructure by up to $75 billion and establishing the Australian Infrastructure Bank to manage the investment.

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“The Greens recognise the need for investment in infrastructure and services for our outer urban communities. We know that populations have exploded in the outer suburbs over the last decade, but there has been nowhere near the same growth in essential services for the residents of these suburbs,” Senator Di Natale wrote.