Fund our Future supporters

Fund our Future has vocal advocates in politics and peak organisations.

Letters of support for the campaign and its research are below.

State politics:


“I support your efforts to demonstrate to the Commonwealth Government and the Opposition the need to establish a dedicated infrastructure funding mechanism for outer metropolitan growth areas across Australia.” – Tim Pallas, Treasurer


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The NSW Opposition leader Luke Foley says he supports “…increased federal funding to provide for roads, public transport and health services in these metropolitan growth areas.”

Peak organisations:

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“For too long, the outer-rings of Australia’s major cities have not been getting the health, education, transport and road infrastructure that they need,” -- Property Council chief executive Ken Morrison wrote after the launch of Fund our Future.

The Council also wrote in support of the research carried out to support the campaign.

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“…the recommendations contained in the report have the ability to increase economic activity, reduce the cost of living and provide for a better quality of life in those growth areas.” – Megan Motto, Chief Executive, Consult Australia

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“The so-called ‘edges’ of our cities are central to the future of our economy. How they develop is a matter of great national importance. They need investment and they need coordinated governance. This excellent research sets out a clear direction for achieving this.” – Committee for Sydney CEO, Dr Tim Williams.